Let your smartphone become a NANO PHONE. Use a technology that has been developed for space traveling, helping material become more resistant.

This patent-registered technology made it possible to offer you a completely new range of products.

This product is Made in Germany and will be merchandised by us internationally. 

You know that? Broken displays? Smeary surfaces? Costly protection cases for smartphones or protective sheets? This is over thanks to MyProTec! It will let your smartphone become a NANO-PHONE!
This product makes your smartphone up to 600% more resistant to breakages or scratches. Bacteria hardly survive on this surface. Finger prints and smeary blurs are removed with only one wipe.


When you create something great it is time to share it with other people. WLM GmbH walks new paths and you can profit from this unique marketing concept.
Use your smartphone, social media like Facebook and twitter, and also WhatsApp or SMS to generate in a very easy and fast way an additional income.
A question: can you send a message? You know how to share a video link? Can you recommend an app? Then you are the person we are looking for! Not more is needed. You use the most known communication channels of the world.
We offer you professional videos, presentation apps and an extensive training so you can start right from the beginning. You benefit from the knowledge of international successful managers of this industry.